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MORE values

MORE interest in our clients - We value our clients MORE than anything else, going all the way to understand, anticipate and satisfy their businesses, interests and needs.

MORE passion for our job - We serve our clients with MORE passion than anyone else, rendering legal services with quality and efficiency and also with creativity and commitment.

MORE team work everywhere - We believe in MORE team work with our Clients and between ourselves, guaranteeing that no time is wasted and that the mostappropriate solution is reached.

MORE value for your money - We value MORE our client's money, striving to save it both by actively searching alternative fee arrangements and by avoiding the traditional hourly billing.


MORE clients

MORE interest in the client is not just a buzzword and it starts with its culture of service and transparency. For quality service, MORE has developed an unique online platform in which its clients may constantly tap into their contractual documentation and accompany pending processes.

Within its transparency goals, MORE actively promotes alternative fee arrangements to avoid the traditional hourly billing, namely by proposing tables of fixed fees in specific areas where experience should save client's money.
If you recognize the value of such commitments, let MORE serve you as a client.


MORE team

TEAM is organized based on its client's areas of activity, and the work received is distributed according to its lawyers' specialization and availability. We believe that team work with the client and between its lawyers is as essential as their integrity, qualifications and professionalism.


MORE world

Even though we are an independent law firm, we believe that in order to render clients a better service, local and international partnerships should be fostered, be it in specialized legal service or in multi-disciplinary teams with other professionals.


MORE than lawyers

If you believe...
- that a lawyer is more than just a professional of law, that it's essential to have passion and interest in our clients' affairs and that ethical and moral values are more important than a PhD.

If you agree...
- that excellence, accuracy, accountability and service can live hand in hand with irreverence and fun.

If you want...
- training that better prepares you for the challenges of current law practice while simultaneously broadening your career opportunities in a transparent structure.

Then... You may join us.
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These films made us want to be lawyers.
Here's to more inspiration!


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1250-068 Lisboa, Portugal
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Teresa Morais Leitão
Lawyer & Mediator
tel: +351 91 730 39 00

Luisa Braz
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MORE business

At MORE the areas of activity follow their clients business and are not divided into theoretical branches of law. We believe that lawyers should serve their clients interest, which in a global economy may shift or develop into new areas of activity where we should follow them.

1. Alternative Lawyering

Our values, interests and passion are much MORE than mere words. We are MORE Than Lawyers.

Traditionally lawyers commit themselves to clients and work to win cases and money. Our commitment is to a much needed social transformation, as to the way our profession is practiced. At MORE the client can become a part of the solution to its problems. Clients should MORE actively participate in their cases, e.g. to save unnecessary costs or to better educate the client on his/her rights. Alternative Lawyering is developmental law, environmental defense, feminist lawyering, or representation of marginalized sectors. It is an exciting practice, in which MORE lawyers are not only involved in bringing justice but also in the empowerment of the client.

Alternative Lawyering is also alternative billing structures through constantly looking for ways to provide quality work product MORE efficiently and cheaply by using collaboration and technology. It is together with the client standardizing and systematizing as many of those legal tasks as possible.

It is promoting alternative dispute resolutions methods such as mediation and conciliation to avoid lengthy litigation and costly arbitration.

Do you have MORE suggestions for alternatives to traditional lawyering? We want to hear them from you!

2. Commercial & Corporate

Commercial Law - MORE assists in the drawing up and negotiation of all kinds of contracts (commercial, agency, distribution, franchising, supply). Every type of commercial law service is provided, including amongst others the planning and structuring of investments in Portugal and abroad, the licensing of industrial activities, corporate constitutions, re-organizations and restructurings, the preparation and negotiation of licensing agreements and the dissolution and liquidation of companies.

Corporate Governance - thin this area we may support corporate bodies and shareholders in defining its model of corporate governance and assisting in the respective adoption and adaptation through internal regulations and the annual report on corporate governance.

Corporate Law - In the area of corporate law we provide permanent and integrated advice that encompasses complex corporate operations, such as mergers, split-offs, transformations and acquisitions, the preparation and negotiation of partnership agreements and joint ventures, and the incorporation, re-organization and restructuring of companies.

We are able to provide representation at general meetings, dealing with the drawing up of proposals, minutes and other documentation related to general meetings held, and the coordination of all the subsequent legal obligations, as well as handling the preparation and drawing up of documentation for the meetings of the administrative body.

In addition to the general monitoring of company law compliance, MORE further ensures the exercise of the function of Secretary in various companies.

Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint ventures - MORE may represent national and foreign clients, in mergers, de-mergers, transformations, the structuring of procedures for the acquisition and transfer of companies (including via public tenders), and the structuring of partnerships and joint ventures.

We may advise upon and assess, in Portugal and abroad, large-scale projects from their inception (due diligence) and in strict collaboration with clients’ internal teams and the respective external financial assessors, providing an integrated monitoring that is geared to the strategic, corporate and financial objectives of the client.

3. Dispute Resolution

The best way to avoid litigation is to be well prepared, namely through MORE's integrated approach, which allows us to team in-depth knowledge of the relevant material law and mastery of the applicable procedural law.
With such approach MORE's priority is the swift resolution of the client's problems in the least onerous way possible, be it through negotiation and/or mediation, preferably by avoiding litigation itself.
However, if the dispute is not resolved preferably through our mediating intervention, MORE lawyers have solid experience in arbitration and litigation within the Portuguese system and outside through its partnerships. MORE is able to offer advice in the following specialized litigation and arbitration:

Administrative & Public Litigation - MORE is well prepared to face any challenges of the administrative justice system: rejections of administrative acts; preventive injunctions; injunctions for the performance of acts by the Administration and for access to documents held by the Administration.

Commercial & Contractual Litigation - In addition to general civil actions, MORE lawyers have specific expertise in injunctions for seizure of assets; exercise of bank guarantees on 1st demand; eviction procedures; collection of debts; breach of construction agreements; seizure of assets; pre-contractual liability, among many others.

Criminal & Misdemeanour Litigation - Criminal and misdemeanour litigation is an area very important to our firm, first through emphasizing and developing, in conjunction with clients, a strong preventive and compliance-aware approach.
Within such expertise, MORE assists its clients in tax fraud cases; economic-financial criminality; medical negligence; money-laundering; criminality in the exercise of public and political offices; offences to the honor and violation of judicial secrecy by the press.

Insolvency - MORE also specializes in the areas of insolvency and restructurings of companies, assisting its clients both in the prevention phases - seeking to forewarn investors about insolvency - and in judicial proceedings.

4. Succession & Family

MORE provides a full range of services relating to the succession process, accompanying the bureaucratic and fiscal process, the partition of the inheritance and the possible judicial inventory.
We also offer succession planning services, including the restructuring of assets from a succession perspective, national and international tax advice, the study of succession strategies in the light of foreign legal systems and private international law, and the preparation of wills that are adapted to the new needs of clients and to the complexity of the possible legal solutions.
MORE also advises its individual clients in the settlement of divorces, through regulation of parental responsibility and alimony agreements.

5. Employment & Social Security

MORE assists its clients on all legal matters related to labor relations, namely drafting of contracts, protection of copyrights, special forms of contracting, conducting disciplinary procedures and labor litigation; advising personnel rationalisation processes and in M&A's and outsourcings.
Our team focus on providing prudent and efficient advice that is able to satisfy clients' interests, whilst causing the least possible disruption to the life of companies. We also advise on social welfare and security and on private or public complementary benefits.

6. Foreign Investment & Nationality

MORE has vast experience in the area of Foreign Investment and Nationality, and advise investors from different countries.

MORE provides a wide range of services:

  • Extension of Stay;
  • Renewal of Residence Permit;
  • Requests for Residence Permit;
  • Family Reunification;
  • Residence Permit for Investment Activity (ARI) – Golden Visa;
  • Requests for Portuguese Citizenship;

7. Energy & Commodities

MORE assists its clients in the renewable energy sector, with an integrated service which benefits from a specialized analysis of relevant administrative law and competition law aspects, thereby acquiring experience for other energy production projects with wind, water, or photovoltaic.

8. Banking & Finance

Derivatives - MORE may assist in the negotiation of derivatives, repos and stock lending contracts, both in the context of the contracts and in the context of various specific operations such as financing and issuing of bonds, usually destined to cover risks.

Insurance - Our team provide support in all areas of the insurance and re-insurance sector, in the management of disasters, the defense of insurance litigation, insurance-broking and pension funds, dealing in an integrated way with the regulatory, contractual and tax aspects involved.

Investment Funds - MORE's ensures an integrated analysis of the tax aspects and the risks and advantages of the investment in question, assisting clients from the inception of the structuring of the fund until its placement on the market.

Private equity Financing - Our team's experience in the corporate, tax and real estate areas represents added-value for our clients in the structuring of national and international financing operations of private equity.

Structured Finance - MORE may provide specialist advice on acquisition finance and real estate credit, namely in the financing and re-financing of commercial properties.

9. Environment & Urban Planning

The services we provide include advice on the legislation that is applicable to specific economic activities, monitoring investment projects (real estate, tourism, industrial and commercial projects, amongst others), the execution of due diligence, the elaboration of territorial planning and environmental impact studies, as well as legal support in the context of administrative licensing procedures for undertakings and activities, and the approval of urban and environmental studies and plans.
Further to legal counsel provided in the field of environmental responsibility, we have also been working with clients in the specialized area of urban and environmental litigation.

Environmental Impact Assessment - We assist clients during the preliminary phase that defines the scope of the environmental impact assessment, and often participate in technical teams in charge of the elaboration of Environmental Impact Studies (EIS).
The service that we provide to public and private entities during the subsequent stages of the respective administrative procedures is equally important, namely from the stages of public consultation and evaluation of results up to the issuing of the final decision (the DEI, Declaration of Environmental Impact). We also provide assistance during the respective project's implementation phase by participating in monitoring procedures and by drafting reports on environmental conformity and environmental post-evaluation.

Construction and Land Development - We assist public and private clients during all the phases of the administrative procedure in the area of urban planning ventures, such as land parceling, urban works and the construction of buildings.
We also provide advisory services in the preparation of municipal regulations on urban planning and housing, as well as in the field of urban taxes. We provide legal opinions, when requested by public or private entities, on issues related to urban planning and the definition and calculation of taxes due as a result of the implementation of urban projects.

Licensing Procedures - We also provide legal counsel to our clients during the process of obtaining licenses in their specific area of activity, e.g., environmental and industrial licensing. Our legal support starts with the prior definition of the different licenses' that are required before the installation and implementation of projects, as well as assistance during the administrative procedures set out by law.
Our services moreover cover the conclusion of contracts between licensing entities and private promoters, by establishing protocols between the Public Administration and investors.

Zoning and Urban Planning - In urban planning projects we provide support in the elaboration of layout plans, urban planning and municipal master plans (including advice on strategic environmental assessment), in the establishment of urban planning contracts between the Administration and private promoters, and in monitoring of the respective administrative procedures for the approval of the territorial management instruments.

Waste, Pollution and Environmental Administrative Offences - In the area of environmental due diligence, MORE values its role in the evaluation of companies or projects in the environmental field. It also provides valuable input on matters related to the management of waste, by accompanying the process leading to the obtainment of licenses for waste management.
Moreover, we provide legal support in the area of "environmental liabilities" and represent our clients in cases of environmental administrative offences, either during the administrative phase or during litigation.

10. European Union & Competition Law

MORE may provide assistance to its clients in all areas of European and national law on competition; the control of operations of concentration, horizontal and vertical agreements, abuse of dominant position and State aid and services of general economic interest.
We may represent national and foreign companies and public entities in administrative procedures before the Competition Authority and the European Commission, as well as in litigation before the European courts and the national courts.

11. Food & Beverage

MORE's assists clients in the food & beverage production and distribution business, providing legal advise considering the increased European harmonization and growing trend towards consumer protection...
We also provide advice in matters of competition law, namely on agreements between companies and concentration operations, intervening before the Portuguese Competition Authority and the European Commission.
MORE also ensures that the relevant fiscal framework is the most efficient and adequate given the sector's specificities, whilst also offering advice on labor questions that may be of decisive importance.

12. Health & Pharmaceutical

Health is a highly regulated sector of activity and requires specialized legal knowledge and in-depth knowledge of the activities and players operating in this sector: the State and other public entities, the pharmaceutical industry, the pharmacies, public and private hospitals, associations and foundations of companies, including the non-profit organizations.
MORE provides advice in the areas of marketing authorizations of medicinal products, clinical tests, wholesale distribution, price fixing, co-participation, discounts and commercial policies, advertising, the producer's civil liability and pharmaceutical patents law. MORE expertise in contentious situations is also decisive in defending its clients' interests, considering that this is a dynamic and contentious sector.

13. Intellectual Property

MORE provides a wide range of services in the field of intellectual property, representing its clients in the management of its intellectual and industrial rights, namely copyrights, image rights, entertainment, patents, trademarks, drawings and models, electronic commerce, advertisement law and data protection.
We benefit from having within MORE an Official Agent of Intellectual Property specialized in providing registration services and deal with administrative claims and monitoring. Moreover, we have excellent contacts with well-known experts in the most varied matters, who are indispensable for the success of litigation cases pertaining to patents and trademarks.

14. Media & Technology

MORE provides a wide spectrum of legal services to media companies, namely in advertising issues such as implementation of international marketing campaigns and misleading and comparative advertising. We also provide advice in areas such as freedom of the press, offences against honour, breach of investigation secrecy, privacy and image rights, copy and other related rights, and the protection of personal data, amongst others.
Within the information systems sector, MORE also favors advising its clients on e-commerce and personal data protection issues and regulatory framework for their technological activities.

15. Public Procurement

MORE has developed specialised know-how in the field of public procurement, ensuring the monitoring of contractors and contracting entities and providing specialist advice, including in the area of contract works litigation. Our team assists our clients in pre-contract procedures, including drafting proposals, and in the negotiation and implementation of agreements.
Whenever necessary, we are also able to assist in preparing and implementing expropriation projects relating to public works and in monitoring all phases of the respective process, including litigious expropriations, establishing an indemnity and reversion cases.

16. Real Estate & Tourism

MORE is well positioned to face the demands and challenges of the modern real estate market and has a proven capacity to develop innovative solutions.
Our expertise covers, but is not limited to:
creating structures for real estate investment operations in the form of companies, real estate investment funds and real estate companies;
real estate investment operations, mergers and acquisitions and performance of the respective due diligences;
monitoring the construction, management and operation of tourism projects;
preparing and negotiating real estate agreements, purchase and sale agreements, sale and lease-back agreements, call options, swaps and surface rights;
preparing and negotiating contract works agreements, designs and necessary supervision;
preparing and negotiating real estate use and management agreements, such as hotel management agreements, lease agreements, use assignment and beneficial rights;
real estate financing operations and the preparation of respective guarantees.

17. Tax

MORE is are able to offer an integrated tax advice in relation the varied operations, including tax planning in corporate restructuring operations, debt issue, derivatives, mergers and acquisitions, mortgage credit, public offerings, research and development activities, securitization operations, structured financing operations, as well specific, tailored tax support within the scope of each client's field of activity. We are also familiar with litigating at the highest jurisdictional and administrative instances to resolve complex disputes.
Within such tax advice, MORE experience is solid in the following specific areas:

Customs Duties and Excise Duties - MORE may answer practical questions related to customs duties, namely pertaining to suspension regimes, tariff quotas, customs declarations, import taxation special regimes and customs stores and free warehouse regimes.

Inspections - MORE recommends its clients to establish clear guidelines to carry out upon tax inspections ands accompanies its clients in the event of inspections undertaken on company premises by the Tax Authorities. In its preventive approach, MORE advises frequently its clients in the formal request of preliminary opinions from the Tax Authorities

Individual & Corporate - MORE is are able to offer an integrated tax advice in relation to the major income taxes and real estate taxes, such as IRS, IRC, IMI and IMT, amongst other.

Litigation - MORE ensures the defence of its clients' interests in a variety of tax procedures, independently of whether they are individual in additional tax liquidations or corporations in high-value cases. Our activity includes the preparation and monitoring of administrative claims and appeals, tax actions, rebuttals, appeals; as well as intervention in tax crime and misdemeanours processes.

Stamp Duty - Stamp duty is an issue for activities, agreements and large scale economic operations, such as financing activities, corporate restructuring operations, acquisitions and sales of companies, and some specific agreements whose legal nature may make them liable to such tax.

VAT - VAT taxation is essential for efficient tax management in national and international companies. We deal with issues concerning declaratory and registration obligations, and specific questions in connection with VAT incidence, exemptions, and credit and reimbursement, in operations involving the assignment of goods and the provision of services in various areas of activity.